Tap here to begin writing….

But where to begin….

It is this moment, right now, where I feel connected to students. How to, not only come up with something interesting to write, but ideas that others, like actual real people, might want to read and discuss. This is much more difficult than I would have thought it to be when assigning as a writing task.

When I assign a creative writing task, I usually start by helping to brainstorm some ideas, I try to get students into a writing mindset and maybe even put on some interesting music. But now as I sit here trying to write something of value, I have just realized what a difficult task I have provided for my students. I could give them all the time in the world and they still may not produce anything. I can also see why some students are always actively avoiding their work is these situations.

How to remedy this situation? My hope is by getting them to blog, by challenging them to write for others. By getting them to read the work of other students and to actively participate in the writing process, through reading and commenting. Through reading and talking to other teachers I know that this has been working, but I always find it exciting to see something new be put into place in my class.

My students will be blogging about genius hour once we get started, but we will also be talking the 100 weird challenge. I came across this site the other day while watching the #teachtechplay webcast via twitter. The 100 word challenge provides a weekly prompt and an obvious word limit. The interesting thing for me is that the site is run by volunteers who actively try to post as many comments as they can. The large writing community is also encouraged to comment and connect with one another.

check out the 100 word challenge

Hopefully this push can help to improve the writing in my room, or at least help to increase the enjoyment level of the process itself.

(Also loving the ios 8 update that now allows third party keyboard apps, I swyped this post using path input).


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