I was early morning twitter surfing and happened across a sweet little web tool. Edpuzzle. This is a handy dandy site that allows teachers (or anyone I suppose) to edit, crop, and add questions/quizzes to existing web videos. Teachers can also add narration and captions. Cool!
Teachers can create classes and manage the content that is sent to students. Students need only a class code (a la Edmodo) to gain access to the content. I was able to crop a video and add a question in about 3 minutes, seems really user friendly.

At this time there is only an app for students, one which they can view, comment or respond to questions.

Edpuzzle Intro

This tool could be perfect for any flippers out there, as there are search functions for many great flip sites (khan, learnzillion, ted etc.).

I came across this web tool via @C4LPT and her learning and development blog Top 100 learning tools

Check it out (spoiler alert …. Twitter #1, WordPress #6) Guess I’m doing something right.

Anyways, enjoy.


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