My class and I have been on a new learning journey in the past three weeks. We will be creating and curating our very own Canadian war museum.
I have asked students to locate and bring in one artifact from their families’ military history and students are being asked to create an additional item to display. The second item will be an open student choice project that links to The Great War. Some examples that we discussed included writing a short piece of historical fiction, writing an original poem or song, or interviewing a veteran or current military worker.

We have been looking at mini lessons along the way that focus on critical and media literacy. We started by discussing personal connections that we had to The World Wars as well as trying try to establish what we already knew about WWI. I was a little surprised to find that my students did not have much of an understanding of this world changing conflict. This does, in my mind, present a great learning opportunity for them. We can look at some of the ways that our great nation established itself as more than just a British Colony.

If anyone has any suggestions, having done something similar in the past, I would love to hear them. Also, if anyone is looking for my plans for this unit, I would be happy to share. My students would greatly benefit from seeing images of another group`s museum.

If all goes to plan, come visit our class at Brooke Central on November Tenth to see what The Brooke Central Canadian War Museum has to offer.

We used this video to give a base level of knowledge for the causes and effects of WWI.


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