Yesterday my students put on a Canadian War Museum, and the response from our school and community was truly amazing. We had a great response to our invitations and were happy to welcome members of The local Legion branches, our municipal mayor, the local newspaper, and many parents into our classroom museum. I had a few goals in mind when I challenged my class to this alignment:

1. Have them find some personal connections to the people who fought for the freedoms that We all enjoy.
2. Get students to see that their ‘classwork’ can extend beyond our classroom walls.
3. Use inquiry to increase student engagement in History and English

Hopefully we found success and I know that I will be sharing some very positive comments with my class this morning.

As I reflect on the power and importance on my second goal, I am struck by the challenge of creating these authentic opportunities with greater regularity. I think that my students are in the initial stages of understanding this idea. The initial shock on the faces of some students when seeing five uniformed legion members enter our museum was a priceless moment for me. IMG_0193.PNG
Even more valuable for me was seeing students being asked to explain their exhibits and share their ideas with a wide range of people; students, teachers, parents and community members.
Hopefully I can continue to find ways to get this idea/mindset embedded in my class. Any comments or suggestions on how to do this are more the welcome.




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