Some updates on our progress with Algebra and video games. Students have been excited to work on this project, they are asking to do ‘math’.

They are tasked with creating three different linear growing patterns (one per floor). They need to understand their patterns, demonstrating this by describing the pattern in writing. The next step is to write the nth term of their patterns using a table of values.



After creating their patterns on paper, students can then continue designing on paper or they can choose to build levels using the app. Students are then testing their levels as they build. The problem solving aspect of this task begins to rear its head at this stage. Students design and test, making sure that their levels are both challenging and beatable. They need to create levels that challenge others enough to want to play again (and again and again…). They have to strategize about jump heights and distances, how and where to place different elements, and finally how to add visual appeal to their levels.


As a consolidation activity, I recreated this excellent activity. My students really enjoyed the tactile nature of the activity.


The final task is to play the levels of their classmates and identify the patterns/nth term of the designs (the hand drawn levels will come in handy at this stage).

Students are even thinking outside the box. Can you see the optical illusion created in this initial design? (it is difficult to see as an image).


Comments/Questions? Would love to hear.


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