Assessment seems to be the hot button teacher topic these days. Lots of chatter online, on Twitter, in the staff room and at our PLC’s. This is a great blog post by Jonathan So that should give you an idea of some of these discussions. Along with the discussions surrounding best practices and the idea of #TTOG (teachers throwing out grades), is a wealth of new apps/tools to collect and record student data. .
I, personally, started this year by using idoceo as my main assessment and organizational tool. Unfortunately I lost all my data due to some iPad issues and did not go back to using it (always backup!). Instead I started taking more anecdotal notes using Daily Notes. I really like the look of this app and how the calendar is a main focus.


I simply create a folder for each student and record notes, add images of work or post links to their blog postings. It is also easy to share with students and parents alike. You can also sync to Evernote or iCloud to avoid any loss of data. I also use Google sheets to create checklists and to record marks. I share checklists with students and allow them to edit progress through Google Drive. A really handy trick for Google sheets is being able to isolate and share one line of a spreadsheet. Excellent for sharing progress with students and parents.

Granted that this is not the best time to alter your routines. Regardless of that here are a few other options that you could check out if you happen to be looking for a change:

This app can do most everything that a teacher might need; day book, schedule, mark book, anecdotal etc. It is the beast of assessment apps in my opinion. Definitely worth a look, many colleagues use this app as their main assessment tool.

A newer startup (Canadian) that offers a full web mark book and promise of an app for building portfolios and taking notes.


Also a newer Canadian startup, looks promising to me. I have given it a try and so far it has been very easy to navigate and build classes. No iPad app (only iPhone) for teachers yet…

There you go, a few options for you to explore. What do you use? Would love to hear other options.

Happy reporting.


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