FYI: This post is intended for sharing at a staff PLC, but read on if curious…

Some of the math that we have been working on in Gr. 7/8 FI @BrookeCentral :

We are just now starting to dig into our school prompt, “What do you Snow?”

some thought stimuli

We have brainstormed snow topics and have a tentative plan in place. Students wish to explore proportional reasoning by creating snowmen replicas of the themselves.  This will require them to measure, plan and calculate the scale factor, and calculate snow volume (not necessarily to scale as that could offend).  

We have also been exploring probability, relating experimental probabilities and odds to the Roll up the Rim campaign at Tim Hortons.  

Some links to explore:

Initial task – Minds On              Calculations and Consolidation                             

My Initial idea/plan

Here are some samples of student work:

Some more samples of student:

 Questions, comments… By all means.


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