I’m hoping that these lists could prove helpful to someone trying to integrate GAFE (Google apps for education)  into their teaching practice.  If you are lucky enough to be with a board that has decided to go GAFE, then you may already know of some of the benefits.  Some of the big pros of using GAFE include; access to an effective sharing and collaborative tool, being able to manage many things through one log in and password, and having access to UNLIMITED STORAGE! Yes, that is no mistake, you have unlimited storage within your Google Apps.

Let me also be clear that I am simply trying to create a different way to find helpful information.  I did not create this information (except for one link) merely curated it.  Obviously, there is a tonne of great resources out there, if what you seek is not to be found here, you should check out these amazing sites (or just Google it!):

Alice Keeler

JR Says

Myria Mallette (not just google, but a great blog from a fellow lkdsb’er)

Plenty of great Google certified educators on Twitter just search #GAFE and you will find them.






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