Hoping to incorporate more authentic listening opportunities in your French immersion class ( or any second language class)? If yes, then read on.

Edpuzzle is a great app/web tool that can help you bring any video into your classroom.

  • With Edpuzzle you can create a classroom with idividual student logins.  
  • You can then push videos and other content to your students.  
  • Select videos from a wide range of sources, including; YouTube, Vimeo, And Ted.
  • Trim, clip and edit the videos to present only what you want students to view.
  • Embed questions into the videos (true false, multiple choice, open response).
  • Teacher Dashboard displays student responses and progress.
  • Easily link your assessments via Google sheets/drive.

You can create your own projects or search and use projects created by others.

Some potential uses in a second language classroom.

  • Verb/grammar diagnostic or review tasks
  • Enhance vocabulary with subject specific content
  • Create your own videos, post questions 
  • Have students create videos and post questions for the class
  • Flip your class – Students can view videos as part of their at home learning.

Another excellent video site for second language learners.  This site/app provides levelled videos (mainly from YouTube) that come with transcripts and translations.  All vocabulary words are linked to a dictionary.  Lots of kid friendly and relevant pop culture material to view.  

This site is best suited, at this time, to individual student learning.  The reason being that it is mainly a paid $$$ site.  There are no options to set up a class to manage and view student progress.  This program does have free content to explore and is really worth a look for any second language teacher.

You can read an excellent, detailed review by Olly Richards here.



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