Thought that I would try and share some cool projects that my students are working on.  We have been learning all about integers; adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing them to be precise.  For some reason I always find that integers is an engaging math concept for my students (maybe because it is a fresh idea, one they never really experience until grade seven).

We were able to cover the content and develop a solid understanding through a student paced investigation. Students seem to enjoy the videos created by PBS math club and we tested our understanding by using Kahoot Quizzes.  Both of these proved to be fun and engaging for the majority of students.

You can see their task(s) posted on our classroom blog.

We were also checking each other’s understanding by creating integer questions in Minecraft PE.  By assigning value ( + / – ) to coloured blocks, students could practice using the zero principle when adding integers (blocks).



As a summative task I challenged students to create a classic board-game using integers.  The only specific requirements were that they try to make integers an integral part of the gameplay and that they find a way to incorporate some new technologies into the game.  Some of the technologies that we have playing around with include; AR with Aursma , Makey Makey and Little Bits.

Most groups migrated to the applications of AR on a board-game, placing auras on question cards and providing extra content on their boards.  A few decided to use Makey Makey and try to incorporate some block coding as well, using Scratch.

Creating a Scratch boardgame

Creating a Scratch boardgame

Aurasma Game Board

Aurasma Game Board

More projects to be posted, stay tuned….


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